School Intruder Test With and Without Security Film

Security Film

Security film, when properly applied to a glass window or door, acts as a tough membrane that prevents someone from entering the building. At 14ml thick, Armorcoat provides the thickest security film in the industry. Consequently, it also offers the highest level of protection. At DW Security Film we are experts in school intrusion protection and we are the only window security film installation company in the area that offers the greatest level of intrusion safety because we offer the thickest layer of window film.

Window Blast Protection

Made from tough, microlayers of polyester, Armorcoat is tear, puncture, and blast resistant to prevent explosions, weather events and intruders from gaining entry. It also retains broken glass shards to add an additional level of safety.

Window security film has the ability to deter intrusion. But it is largely dependent on how it’s anchored to the window frame. Our certified, highly trained installers use a superior silicone adhesive anchoring system. Sadly, some installers provide no anchoring system.